Enabling a High-Velocity DevOps Culture

On-Demand Webinar with Liberty Mutual

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Duration: 1 hour

DevOps is the combination of people (culture), processes, and tools that increase an organization’s high-velocity delivery of applications and services... DevOps teams exist to evolve and improve products at a faster pace.

In this on-demand webinar, Stack Overflow’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Teresa Dietrich, chats with Justin Stone, Senior Director of Secure DevOps Platforms at Liberty Mutual. They discuss the challenges facing DevOps Teams and the solutions that help push products forward. 

What you’ll learn:

Which tools  automate the most important software delivery processes
Which technologies ensure that collaboration serves as the beating heart of your organization
How Liberty Mutual approaches widespread cultural adoption of the DevOps mindset

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About the speakers

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Justin Stone
Senior Director of Secure DevOps Platforms, Liberty Mutual

Justin Stone is the Senior Director of Secure DevOps Platforms at Liberty Mutual. With over 20 years of infrastructure and engineering experience, his background is leveraged daily as application teams look to advance their cloud journey at Liberty and improve their overall developer experience.

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Teresa Dietrich
Chief Product & Technology Officer, Stack Overflow

Teresa Dietrich is the Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Stack Overflow, where she is responsible for evolving and executing Stack Overflow’s product strategy. Previously she worked at McKinsey New Ventures as Global Head of Product & Engineering, where she played an instrumental role in creating and scaling their B2B SaaS products, built and led product development teams across the globe, and fostered a culture that attracted and developed top talent.