Intuit’s Journey to InnerSource

On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

1 hour

In 2021, more companies shifted to a remote workforce during the pandemic than ever before. If you were or are planning to go remote, have you successfully adopted a framework wherein anyone feels empowered to contribute?

Engineers at Intuit grappled with this dilemma. Over the course of their workplace transformation, they adopted an “InnerSource Mindset”, to improve collaboration and communication across their network of 5,000 engineers.

Join Stack Overflow’s Director of Product, Vasudha Swaminathan, as she sits down with the members of Intuit’s engineering team to discuss all things InnerSource. 

What you’ll learn:

What is InnerSource?
The benefits InnerSourcing brings to organizations
How to gain support and adoption
How to enable collaboration across decentralized teams
Tools to support InnerSourcing 

About the speakers

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Vasudha Swaminathan
Director of Product, Stack Overflow for Teams

Vasudha Swaminathan is a product manager motivated by the drive to design and create increasingly customer centric products & services. An engineer at heart, she loves to solve problems that involve technology and comes with diverse product experience in casual gaming, stock photography, cloud computing, and more recently, tools for community driven knowledge management.

Harith Elrufaie
Principal Software Engineer, Intuit

Harith Elrufaie is a Principal Software Engineer at Intuit. In his ten years at Intuit, Harith has been fortunate to work in different areas, such as API Gateway and microservices orchestrators, mobile services, data, and personalization. Currently, he is a Data/ML Engineer in the Quickbooks Capital team - a lending service for QuickBooks small business customers.

Matt Madson
Senior Software Engineer, Intuit 

Matt Madson is a Senior Software engineer on Intuit’s Enterprise Architecture engineering team, where he has driven initiatives to help improve lean collaboration, developer onboarding and engagement with InnerSource and Open Source development patterns and practices.

Rocio Montes
Staff Software Engineer, Intuit

Rocio Montes is a Staff Software Engineer leading Open Source and InnerSource at Intuit. She works in the Intuit Office of the Chief Architect, creating tools and solutions that make the Open Source & InnerSource initiatives successful.