How to attract and unlock the potential of Gen Z

Build a developer culture where the generation of first true digital natives will feel at home

Over the next several years, tens of millions of Gen Z professionals will enter the workforce. Given that recent grads represent the first true digital natives, it makes sense that many of these individuals will become developers — and have the potential to become some of the most talented new hires on your team. Is your company ready to hire them? The goal of this guide is to help your recruiting teams and hiring managers say “yes.”

You'll learn:

  • How to tap into the strengths of Gen Z
  • Interesting things about the way they think
  • How their perspectives into the world influence their career decisions
  • Why their weaknesses are likely to be strengths in disguise
  • How to build up your employer brand in a way that magnetizes them

In Part I, you’ll get to know their personalities a bit better. In Part II, you’ll receive specific employer branding tips. As you learn, you’ll gain access to a narrative that brings together insights from major social networks, consulting firms, market research studies, and Stack Overflow in a unique way.

Good luck unlocking the next generation of talents for your company.

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