The Top Developer Job Titles on Stack Overflow

For years, industry experts have been abuzz about the tech talent shortage. Recent estimates by McKinsey Quarterly state that as the nature of work continues to transform, up to 375 million professionals will have to be retrained by 2030. In response, organizations across all industries have adjusted their employer branding strategies to engage and attract top tech talent.

Here at Stack Overflow, we partner with companies that are looking to grow their technical capabilities. Thanks to the data available to us, we’re able to take a closer look at the job titles that are posted most frequently on our site—and in turn, some of the most highly sought-after positions in the technical landscape today.

Our Data Scientist, Dr. Julia Silge, analyzed the most frequently-posted job titles on Stack Overflow’s Talent platform. In this guide, you’ll find her research broken down by country, as well as some of the trending job titles that are driving today’s hiring landscape. We’ve also included a few tips to help you stand out from the competition to attract the most in-demand developer types.

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