Recruiting top developers? Answer these questions throughout the recruitment process

When developers are considering their career options, they can look past the paycheck and perks to focus on whether a company truly values them and their time. 

In our 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 53% of respondents said that the most important factor in a role was the languages, frameworks, and other technologies they’d be working with. Developers want the opportunity to not just utilize existing skills, but to learn new programming languages and technologies. 

Developers should feel confident that they’ll be given the tools and training that they need to elevate their skills quickly, and that they’ll have opportunities to collaborate on innovative projects throughout the organization. 

Not sure how to show and tell them this? Answer these questions while you’re recruiting for a new role:

If they started right now, would you have the ability to get them all the information they need to start ramping up?

It’s important to make sure that the developer learning process would be as quick and painless as possible. No one wants to be thrown in the deep end and end up struggling because they don’t have the context they need to understand the work. On the other hand, they don’t want to spend months with too little on their plate because no one’s had the time to train them. Tell the developer about the process for training new employees, and what self-service education tools are available to help them ramp up independently.

How is the company making sure the developer is set up for success?

Tell them about what resources will be available to them to help them be successful. What will their tech stack look like, and where are logins and important details about the tools stored? Will they have the chance to pair with a senior developer who can collaborate with them and help them get used to the process? What internal collaboration tools are available to help them answer any questions that might arise? Give confirmation that you have a clear system of accountability in place to ensure that developers able to get the tools and information they need for any project.

How is the company making sure developers aren't siloed or isolated to just their team?

Joining a larger company means developers should be gaining the chance to collaborate with and learn from experts in a variety of disciplines, with expertise in diverse technologies. If they are only going to work with their own team, they’ll miss the chance to tap into expert knowledge that will help improve their skill set. Tell developers about the system in place for company-wide knowledge sharing and collaboration, where they can ask questions and get different perspectives or search to find existing knowledge.

As you conduct your developer search, make sure you're addressing things beyond the current job description. Help the developer see the company is offering them opportunities for growth and collaboration throughout the company. By showing you are a company with an open and transparent approach to knowledge sharing, developers will know they'll be able to uplevel their skills faster and have the chance to play a key role in innovative new projects.

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