Case study: The story of Backbase

Backbase transforms into a global company

Founded in 2003, Backbase’s digital banking software solution is used by financial organizations of all sizes to create customer-centric digital experiences. Due to the popularity of its products, Backbase struggled to keep up with demand, while also seeking to serve a global audience. To support the organization’s transition, Backbase is constantly searching for talented programmers to join the team.

Find out how Backbase hires the technical talent that it needs with the help of Stack Overflow.

The challenge:

Identifying a Variety of Developers With Customer-Facing Experience

“We have a variety of departments. Some engineers might be on product innovation, while others might be on the customer side of the business,” she continues. “But no matter what your role is, our solutions are customer-focused and it is therefore in the core role of our engineers to make sure that our solutions are customer-centric.”

As a result, Backbase has implemented an in-depth interview process. “Candidates will go through technical testing and meet a lot of our current team members,” Brandt says. “We’re incredibly selective about who receives a job offer, as it’s a great team that we’re passionate about maintaining.”

The Solution:

Job Listings Targeted at the Developers They Need

Ms. Brandt says that to reach the developers Backbase needs, it’s important to get involved in the tech community. “This isn’t just for advertising purposes,” she adds. “But you need to understand which tools they love to use and where they choose to spend their time.”

To promote Backbase to the developer community, it utilises Job Listings on Stack Overflow. These Job Listings enable them to advertise to the most relevant developers for the wide variety of open positions.
“We love the amount of interest that we generate from the right candidates,” Brandt tells us. “Additionally, we’ve found that the developers on Stack Overflow are excited about working with a fintech leader like ourselves.”

The Results:

12 Critical Developer Hires from Stack Overflow

Since it began working with Stack Overflow, Brandt says that Backbase has generated over 4,000 applications for its open technical roles. Additionally, she tells us that they’ve hired 12 developers from that pool of applicants.
“We’re thrilled with the people that we’ve hired from Stack Overflow so far,” she adds. “As an organization that’s looking to serve global customers, we’re still looking grow the technical team by a considerable margin—and we know that Stack Overflow will be integral in our developer hiring success.”

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