Case study: The story of Clevertech

How Clevertech turns working in the shadow of big tech giants into a strength and finds their fully remote team on Stack Overflow

Clevertech provides expert custom software solutions to high-profile clients. They work within the realms of fast-moving, demanding industries like FinTech or Logistics and Transportation offering services like product design and development, strategy and innovation and digital transformations. Due to the nature of their projects, this fully remote team needs access to the cream of the crop; they want to find the best developers all over the world.
Headquartered in New York City and working 100% remotely, Clevertech prides itself on two things: offering the remote freedom to staff that no other large tech company can, and the ability to deliver the best tech solutions that money can buy to clients. To achieve these goals, Kuty Shalev, the company’s CEO, uses Stack Overflow to maintain a pipeline of quality tech talent.

The challenge:

World-class solutions require world-class engineers.

“Our clients expect the best problem solvers in the industry, so we make sure to find them, hire them and retain them. You need to have seen how it really works before we can hire you in a consulting firm where you will be expected to be the expert,” Kuty tells us. Clevertech’s 200 engineers work in teams of 3-6 people on individual client projects. They collaborate closely with clients to deliver bespoke solutions within niche industries. Because of this, they need to be experienced in terms of the tech they work on and the industries they work within.

So how do you go about finding the cream of the crop in a world of developers? Clevertech needs to completely trust that whoever they hire can deliver at the caliber they expect.

The Solution:

Always on ads and maintaining quality pipelines.

Because of the way Kuty uses the Stack Overflow ad tool, he can reach the right people at the right time. He can leave the job posting live, and it will be displayed in front of experienced developers in an environment that makes sense to them, meaning they are more likely to act on it.

Clevertech’s Stack Overflow employer profile

“I’m always looking for more ways to gain exposure, and I love the job slot tool for its smart exposure.”

Within the industry, Clevertech was able to create a name for themselves. From their client portfolio and their tech stack, candidates know about the quality of work they will get to contribute to.

“We operate as a kind of service provider and partner to our clients, and we care a lot about mastery and trying to always improve ourselves.”

Inbound leads prove fruitful enough for Clevertech that they only need to utilize active sourcing when faced with unicorn positions. For the rest of the time, depending on the project pipeline, it’s as simple as turning the ad on and off as he needs it, ensuring the pipeline is always full and that meaningful conversations are happening with experienced candidates.

Clevertech finds great success in using their company page as a hub for all their engaging employer branding content. Their most successful resource is two-minute videos that give a glimpse “behind the curtain” as Kuty explains, “We try to tell these stories in quick, two-minute bites. You get a chance to see who the people are. You get a chance to have a taste of the benefits, the freedom of remote and the opportunity to attain mastery by challenging client engagements.”

Stack Overflow’s global audience of developers also helps Clevertech with international projects. “Slots gives us the ability to select locations. So if we're trying to search for people who are going to work better with a client that happens to be in Europe versus a client that's in the United States, that's really helpful. ”

The Result:

Experts, just when they’re needed.

With the fast-paced client business, the team at Clevertech is constantly building their network of potential candidates. Since they have specific needs in skillset, this means recruiting never goes quiet: “We talk with people all the time about coming in and working across multiple projects, technologies, and outcomes,” says Kuty, “There is never just one thing we talk about with potential hires. We need our team to stretch across different projects and tech. Whether it's JavaScript, Python, all the front end frameworks, React or Angular and there's always some enterprise Java. The people we're looking to hire can jump in on these technologies and swim across Elastic, Cloud and microservices.”

“We get to work on some gold standard, ambitious projects for well-established clients. This is a big draw for potential developer hires—the chance to work on something meaningful.”

In the consulting business, there isn’t always time for a thorough planning phase; most clients need immediate support and fast results. Clevertech can accommodate this with Stack Overflow. Kuty can build a project team from the pipeline he has secured with the job listings on Stack Overflow’s Q&A-pages and that project team can get to work right away to build game-changing products for innovative clients.

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