Best practices for writing articles

Articles are a new content type for Collectives. Using Articles,  Recognized Members & Admins are encouraged to share long-form content such as knowledge articles, how-to guides and announcements.  

Articles may be used to discuss your product or service (for example, to house release notes), to write about best-practices for usage of products, and to dive more deeply into technical topics that may be of interest to your users, but may not be suited for the Q&A format.  This could be a great place to “lift the curtains” and provide a more in-depth explanation on how certain features work and why they are built this way.

Articles should not, however, be thought of as a blog: they should continue to be knowledge-base adjacent materials, and should remain strictly educational.  A key thing to remember here is that our users value a genuine connection to the humans behind the brand.  

Articles are subject to the content rules that exist for other types of content on Stack Overflow, and will be closely watched by community members for adherence to those standards.  With all of this said, it’s possible that an article will be posted that gets a really negative response.  If this happens, get in touch with Customer Success and let’s see if we can understand why.

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