How do I find new Recognized Members and invite them?

How do I find them?

There are a variety of ways to find potential Recognized Members:

  1. Collectives leaderboard
  2. Tag Leaderboards
  3. Employees within your organization.
  4. Members of your Developer Recognition Program 
  5. Quality contributors

Collectives leaderboard

The best way to find potential Recognized Members is to check your Collectives leaderboard using the Members tab. We recommend doing this on a weekly basis.

Screenshot of the Collectives leaderboard page

An example of the leaderboard in a Collective.

Tag Leaderboards

For subject-specific users, you will want to drill into the leaderboard for individual tags. Example:  https://stackoverflow.com/tags/javascript/topusers. Replace “javascript” in the URL example above with the tag you want.

Screenshot of the tag JavaScript leaderboard

The JavaScript tag leaderboard on stackoverflow.com.

Quality contributors

Be on the lookout for quality contributors to questions within your Collective. You can find users who might be a fit as you are recommending answers.

How do I invite users to become Recognized Members?

Users can be invited to join your Collective as a Recognized Member through their individual user pages on Stack Overflow.

For employees or members of your Developer Recognition Program with whom you already have a relationship, you will need their Stack Overflow user profile URL. These individuals can visit their profile page when logged in to stackoverflow.com in order to find and share their profile URL.

From their profile page, click Invite to Collective button

Screenshot of an example profile page

An example user profile page on stackoverflow.com.

From the ‘Admin’ tab

  1. Click Users and permissions
  2. Click [+ Invite New new]
  3. Enter their user id or user name

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