How to communicate with developers

Employer branding, job listings, and emails that resonate with a tech audience

Developers are one of the most in-demand groups of employees these days. And guess what, they noticed this as well: Countless approaches by potential employers, sometimes several messages a day through Linkedin, and a few desperate recruiters even cold calling.

So those with technical talents are by no means oblivious to the talent shortage. The good news is that they don’t just use this bargaining power to simply negotiate the highest salaries and most outrageous benefits. Instead, developers are intrinsically motivated. They are looking for the right place to work. Your challenge in this noisy jobs market is to clearly communicate what defines your employer brand, what work needs doing, and, ultimately, who might be the right fit for the role.

All of this is easier said than done. Because tech recruiting is a complex business, it is easy to not see the forest for the trees. This guide will help you decide where to start or what to fix next.

In the first and more general part, we would like you to take a step back. Before we even think about how to package our job opening and approach a candidate with our offer, we look at what information and knowledge you should gather about your tech team and the company at large. Following that, we will take a practical look at how to write and talk about your company and the role, with a special focus on the job listings and a recruiting emails as a first introduction.

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