Developer 101: Types, Technologies & Tips

The increasing demand for developers means recruiters need to up their game.

The developers that you’re recruiting don’t expect you to have expertise in the skills that you’re recruiting for. Otherwise, you’d be competing with them for their job. But you do need to know enough to speak to the skill set in the job requirements. Otherwise, your job postings and candidate communications will not reflect the requirement of the position and fail to attract the candidates you need.

But with a little research, you can get enough familiarity with the tech skills and the engineer mindset to talk to them about the roles you recruit for. And this guide will help you get going.

This guide has two goals.

  1. It provides a roadmap to gaining the knowledge about the technology that you recruit for so you can talk about what your company needs.
  2. It introduces you to the developers themselves and the many specializations within the field. There’s even a bonus section for advanced recruiters that talks a little turkey about the tech.

This guide is a starting point to understanding developers and how they operate. With this start, you should be able to fill out the gaps in your tech knowledge by talking directly to the technical managers with the open reqs to fill.

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